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Regrettably, accidents do happen and it is important to understand the root cause of the accident so as to prevent re-occurrence.

Based on extensive incident investigation experience, Brittany Offshore limited offer a comprehensive accident / incident investigation service.  

This includes preliminary interviews, in depth investigation and root cause analysis using the TapRoot principle to identify failings and make recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.  

As per ISM all Accidents and Incidents must be investigated regardless how small they may appear, at least 43% of reported maritime injuries are a result of slip and fall accidents. In general, the most common reasons for these types of injuries include:

  • Slippery, slick surfaces
  • Loose lines and cargo
  • Unmarked obstructions
  • Lack of guardrails, barriers, or safety nets
  • Equipment that was improperly secured
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Improper vessel planning, including high points lacking safety guards, loose ladders, and improper angles and inclines for stairs and stairways
  • Insufficient safety training
  • Lack of non-skid paint and/or non-skid surfaces
  • Failure to establish proper housekeeping procedures aboard the vessel

The majority of these causes could have easily been prevented with the proper safety measures, better training, and better equipment maintenance. 

Brittany Offshore can conduct a safety inspection of the vessel, to see if any underlying issues exist that may cause damage, harm to any employee or to the environment, and to record all findings and give advice on corrective action.