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ISM (International Safety Management Code)

It is well known that the Oil Majors expectations are higher than the ISM code, so they will require a contractor to have a robust (SMS) Safety Management System.

Terry skews worked ashore for 3 years as a Marine Safety Superintendent for a well known Geophysical company who had all their vessels chartered to the Oil Majors, therefore having knowledge of what is required above and beyond the ISM code is essential for maintaining safe operations.


This type of audit can be conducted on the vessel or at the office, the objective of an ISM audit is:

  • It acts as a tool to monitor how well the SMS system is implemented on board regarding the safety practices and pollution prevention activities.
  • It helps in checking whether company safety and environmental policy is continually in compliance with the requirement of this code.
  • Provides an opportunity to possible changes in the SMS system
  • Shows the evidence of the SMS working and that the procedures are being followed
  • To determine compliance with regulatory requirement


ISPS (International Ship Port Facility Security Code)

Terry Skews is fully qualified as a Company and Ship Security Officer, while working ashore he has conducted and completed numerous ISPS Audits and submitted ISPS Plans for approval with the Maritime Coastguard Agency and Bahamas Maritime Authority and Panama Maritime Authority.

We can assess your security requirements and develop the required in accordance with the ISPS Code requirements.

  • On Scene Survey (OSS)
  • Ship Security Assessment (SSA)
  • Ships Security Plan (SSP)